Modern VoIP

VoIP continued to grow and by 2003 the number of VoIP calls was 25% of all voice calls.  The implementation of broadband Ethernet service mad call quality improve significantly and made connectivity much less of a problem.  Broadband Ethernet was a huge improvement and is probably the reason for the rise in VoIP voice calls. … Continue reading Modern VoIP

Early VoIP

This installment of the historyoftelephony will be about VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.  Most phone systems that businesses or small business use is a VoIP system.  VoIP is the transmission of voice “data packets” from one IP address to another over the internet.  This was originally invented so people would not have to pay… Continue reading Early VoIP

The Bell Telephone

By the year 1904 there were over three million phones in the US that were connected by manual switchboard exchanges.  From 1878 when the telephone exchange was invented to 1904 there were three million phones.  In a 26 year span 3 million phones were added to people’s houses, businesses and community centers.  That is over… Continue reading The Bell Telephone

The Early Telephone

Without the technological advances of the mechanical acoustic devices and the electrical telegraph the modern day telephone as we know it might not be around today.  The inventor of the telephone is not entirely clear.  Charles Bourseul, Innocenzo Manzetti, Antonio Meucci, Johann Philip Reis, Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray all have been credited with… Continue reading The Early Telephone

Mechanical Acoustic Telephones

We thought we would start out by talking about the “tin can telephone”, or “lovers phone”.  Before the invention of the electromagnetic telephone or telegraph there were mechanical acoustic devices to transmit sound to distances further than normal speech.  These devices would transmit sounds through pipes, wires or string.  One of the earliest known experiments… Continue reading Mechanical Acoustic Telephones